Our work has warranted some kind words from the families that received the costumes, but also from people who have witnessed it and wanted to share their enthusiasm about what we are doing.

"#RadRebelsROCK #JuniorJedisInTheHouse #BestFansInTheGalaxy"

Mark Hamill

Actor that played Luke Skywalker
in the "Star Wars" franchise

"And now we know why the Rebellion wins!!!"

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Voice actor for Kanan
in "Star Wars Rebels"

"This is FANTASTIC!!! I love it!! xo"

Vanessa Marshall

Voice actor for Hera
in "Star Wars Rebels"

"Wow! I had no idea the costume would be so beautiful! It is something you would see on a movie set! You guys really outdid yourselves! Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for you and all of the volunteers who took time to make this so special for Elsie."

Elsie's Mother

Received the "Sofia the First" costume


Steve Blum

Voice actor for Zeb
in "Star Wars Rebels"


Tiya Sircar

Voice actor for Sabine
in "Star Wars Rebels"

"Too amazing! Best Ant-Man cosplay ever!"

Payton Reed

Director of "Ant-Man"

"Thanks to Walkin & Rollin Costumes, Raygan had a fantastic Halloween! She says, ‘I love it , I love it , I love it!’ Everybody loved it and it made her feel extra special. You took what was going to be a difficult 1st Halloween in a wheelchair into a dream. We can never thank you enough!"

Laura, George, Clayton and Raygan

Raygan received the "Peacock Princess" costume

"And I thought my costume was cool! Best costume EVER!!! Stay small!"

Paul Rudd

Actor in "Ant-Man"

"Too cool! That’s incredible! You folks are real heroes."

Wesley Burt

Concept Artist for Marvel Cinematic Universe

"It is such a breath of fresh air to see something like this."

John Schnieder

Actor that played Bo Duke on "The Dukes of Hazzard"

"Amazing and a sign of true love. A bright light for these kids...that benefits us all by the example."

- Fictional Frontiers
WNJC-1360 AM

"The guys at Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes are completely brilliant! Fantastic cosplay for kids who need it the most! They totally owned the Comicon in Kansas City! Great people doing great work where it really matters. The force is definitely with them!"

Brian Herring

Puppeteer, writer and lead performer of galactic rolling robot BB-8

"We are so grateful that Logan was chosen to receive a costume. He loved every aspect of the costume. We have even left the wheel covers on because everyone loves them so much."

Logan's Mother, Jillian

Received the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" costume

"Zaylee’s Butterfly Queen costume was an absolute masterpiece of beauty!! She wore it with pride and not only did she wear it for herself but it was in honor of her friend who had passed away.. Zaylee says she visits her through butterfly’s!! She had the best day ever!! And all the kids wanted to be around her!! We are very grateful for the gift you gave her!! Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes Rocks!!!"

Zaylee's Mother

Received the "Butterfly Queen" costume

"Thank you SO much for the plans!!! They came together beautifully and our guy had such a fun time at his school parade today!!!!"


W&RC provided plans to build the "Batmobile" on her son's chair

"This charity transforms wheelchairs for kids with special needs, and they look amazing!"

George Lopez


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