How Can I Sponsor a Costume?

Anyone can help us create these costumes and you might be surprised by the different ways to help. From schools to corporations, we help teach anyone how to build.


Business Team Building

Teachers have hosted work sessions to have their classes build costumes for other students in wheelchairs, or other kids in the community. The kids learn the importance of helping others while doing something fun and creative.

Have a creative bunch at work? Get together to volunteer and build a costume together as a team-building experience. It inspires colleagues to work together to problem solve and create something very rewarding.

Company Sponsored Costume


Your company can sponsor the construction of 1, 2 or more costumes. You can be as involved as you want from funding the cost of costume, to helping design the concept, to actually building the final costume.

We host workshops where you can help build multiple costumes with other volunteers. It's a great way to learn how we build costumes in a variety of ways for different types of wheelchairs.

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