How to Help

Donating To Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes Is Easy.

All funds donated on our PayPal page goes to help buy supplies, build the costumes and ship the completed costumes if needed. Each costume costs between $100-$250 to build and if we need to ship the costume, packing and shipping charges average about $100 each. Please consider donating to Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes by visiting our PayPal page. Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

How Else Can I Help Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes?

We are always looking for volunteers and anyone willing to help spread the word, come up with costume designs, graphic design work for costumes being built and even help with construction and sewing of different costumes.

Design a Costume

Online Shopping Store

Some of the costume designs in our gallery were made by people like you. We provide templates for you to sketch out ideas for costumes, submit them to us, and we will add them to our gallery for families to see and get inspiration. We have many templates for different types of wheelchairs and walkers and you don't have to worry about how it will attach to the wheelchair. Just pure imagination for this stage.

Our online store allows you to purchase items to show your support. The merchandise all has a common theme, "Cosplay For All." The designs will swap out on a regular basis with all profits going to help with supplies for the costumes we build for kids in walkers and wheelchairs.

Construction and/or Assembly

Sewing and/or Sculpting

Graphic Design Artwork

Are you the creative type that loves a challenge? Construction and assembly of the costumes takes people who can think outside the box. Since every wheelchair is custom designed for that particular child, then their costume must be custom designed to their chair. That means that many times, what works on paper, doesn't always work in the final costume. It's always best to have the actual chair we are building the costume for on site while we are assembling. That might mean that the best place we need to assemble, is in a different city or state. That's why having volunteers to help with this in other cities is so beneficial. Do you want to be one of those people? Consider signing up below.

Some costumes require the skills of a great seamstress or sculptor. We have created a fireman's vest for a firetruck, or even a full princess gown to wrap around the wheelchair that our princess was riding in. Both of these cases were accomplished by talented seamstresses helping out from their own homes with the measurements we provided.  There may be other times where we might need a dragon head or an awesome helmet that the skills of a sculptor would come in handy. The point is, we never know what skills we might need until a request for a costume is made by a family in need of a really cool wheelchair costume.  Sign up below with your own unique skill set.

When we are creating a particular costume for a child, many times we will require specific artwork or logos for that character, such as the "95" on the side of Lightning McQueen, or all the shapes and patterns on the front of the droid, R2-D2. A graphic designer can create this artwork from anywhere in the world and then email the artwork to us so we can produce the stickers or decals for the costume.


Let us know below if you would like to help with any of these skills, or even any talents you have that are not specified here. We never know what we will need until we get the request from a child with a dream costume.

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