Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costume’s History

We never knew that when our 3 year old son wanted to be Wall-E for Halloween, and we built a costume around his wheelchair, that it was the beginning of an epic journey of discovery. Not just discovery of what we can build and design around a wheelchair, but the discovery of how that simple wheelchair costume would forever change our son’s outlook toward life. His self esteem skyrocketed, his peers, who used to look at him differently, suddenly looked at him in awe and saw him as just another kid with an incredible Halloween costume. He became proud of his costume and shared it with everyone he met. It was in that moment that we realized this was not just a Halloween costume made of cardboard, paint, and plastic. It was so much more, and it would forever change our lives.


We wanted to share that same experience with other families. We’ve come a long way over the years, and we have so much further to go. Our goal is to build unique costumes for ever special needs kid who would like one, free of charge to the families. Check out the timeline below to see how we’ve grown, and to see how you can help us achieve that goal.



Our plan for Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes is to build a network of builders willing to help construct these costumes for kids all over the world. That way, when a family contacts us requesting a costume and they live in Denver, Colorado, we can pair them up with a costume builder in their city to help make this child’s costume a reality. This can only be accomplished by having volunteers, sponsors and creative individuals like you, willing to help. Sign up today to help make a child’s dream costume come true.

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